We design, build and operate packaged treatment plants and small sewage plants. Whether new construction, retrofit, renovation or repair - these services are performed competently and reliably by Greive Sewage Technology GmbH. The maintenance and operational support will be performed with our service mobile. Wastewater assays are being analyzed in our own laboratory

Design of Packaged Treatment Plants/Wetlands

Greive Abwassertechnik GmbH will advise you in choosing the most favorable type and manufacturer of packaged treatment plants. We are operating independently from manufacturers of packaged treatment plants. This ensures that you will not provide advice to the amount of commission, but rather get the right system which is ideal for you only.

We acquire the local conditions on your site and coordinate this with the choice of investment and planning. Once you have chosen the plant, we plan this with the help of modern CAD-programs and arrange all the documents which will be needed for approval.

Greive Abwassertechnik GmbH can create a tentative offer for you.

Construction and retrofitting of Packaged Treatment Plants

The Greive Abwassertechnik GmbH offers both, all current technical sewage treatment systems and constructed wetlands. The system for wastewater treatment in constructed wetlands was developed by ourselves and it represents the absolute latest stand of the art.

We offer both new construction of small wastewater treatment plants and the retrofitting of existing settling tanks to fully biological packaged treatment plants. Upon request, we will deliver your plant turnkey or we´ll observe personal contribution paid by you. In the turnkey solution, we take all necessary work of earthworks, also the pipeline installation, placing the plant up to the restoration of the terrain (paving, gardening and tarmac). However if you want to contribute personal achievement we will be mindful of this. Nevertheless Greive Sewage Technology GmbH cares for the coordination of all works to ensure a smooth process of the installation.

Technical Sewage Plants

Following systems are being offered by Greive Abwassertechnik GmbH:

- moving bed biofilm reactor
- fixed bed reactors
- SBR Plants
- trickling filter
- activated sludge plants with submerged aerators or surface aerators

You can get all plants either in concrete tanks or in plastic containers.

After commissioning Greive Abwassertechnik GmbH can accompany you and your plant further on if you want. You can find our offer for this at Maintenance.

Constructed Wetlands “AQUAbeet”

The constructed wetlands of Greive Abwassertechnik GmbH are on the latest art of technology and research. The system AQUAbeet was developed to combine an excellent wastewater treatment with the maximum operational safety. Recent insights in research will be taken into account in the design and installation of the plants.

The basic module of the constructed wetlands is a vertically perfused, sporadic loaded and planted undergravel filter.

The appointed plants are exactly aligned to the procedural requirements of the constructed wetlands. In the border areas also beautiful plants are being used to let the plant become a part of the garden design and to give rise to a small ecosystem with flowering plants and seedy plants for insects and birds.

Of course the construction of the wetlands also includes the range of primary treatment (settling tank). Existing pits can usually be used. The required tightness check and restoration of the settling tank are also part of the performance spectrum of Greive Abwassertechnik GmbH.

Maintenance of Packaged Treatment Plants

After your sewage plant has been brought into service, it is necessary to ensure a smooth operation for many years. Especially the purity of the water, which is running out of the plant, is very important.

As the operator of the plant you are interested that the money is well invested and that it benefits the environment. A system that you installed for several thousand euros and cleans the wastewater deficient, would be a waste of money. Among you as the operator also the county is interested in the feature of the wastewater treatment plant, as it is responsible for the purity of our bodies of water and our groundwater.

Despite the robust technology of our treatment plants, they must be checked regularly. The tests can sometimes be made by yourself and sometimes only by a competent person with the appropriate equipment.

There are simple checks that must be performed weekly or monthly. These controls only take a few minutes and can be done by yourself.

Every 4 – 6 months your plant needs a more extensive maintenance. This needs competent and experienced staff with considerable equipment.

Greive Abwassertechnik GmbH offers you those maintenances. With our service mobile, our own laboratory and a stock room with the most important service parts for the most common units we are able to offer you an excellent and rapid service. If we find deficiencies during our service visit, we will remedy this promptly or as soon as possible after consultation with you.

You will receive the results of the maintenance in a detailed service report.