Industrial Wastewater

Especially in wastewater treatment plants for industrial wastewater, energy efficiency and space requirements are playing a decisive role. Right here are the strengths of our developed methods.

For aerobic sewage clarification our procedure moving bed biofilm reactors MBBRclaro can`t be beaten concerning space requirements and operational safety.

For highly polluted sewage with high ratio in organics the anaerobic activated sludge system POMEclaro is the right choice. This system has been devised especially for wastewater from palm oil mills but however it can also be used for all other massive contaminated effluents. In this method a very high degradation efficiency is achieved in smallest spaces. The eliminated freight is converted into biogas which is being used for energy extraction. The energy yield is usually higher by a multiple than the energy demand for wastewater treatment. The wastewater is being changed to a valuable resource with those plants!

The combination of POMEclaro and MBBRclaro is the ideal solution for highly contaminated wastewater.

In addition to these specific procedures we also offer solutions for other wastewater and cleaning requirements.

Municipal Wastewater

Currently, the trend in municipal wastewater treatment is moving towards reliable and energy-efficient systems. Especially for small and mid-sized sewage plants our constructed wetlands AQUAbeet and our moving bed biofilm reactors MBBRclaro are hard to be beaten in reliability.

By a high degree of standardization those valuable systems are interesting in the field of investment costs. Operating costs are occasionally the lowest of all commercially available systems. Depending on the size of expansion, the MBBRclaro plants are performed with aerobic and anaerobic sludge stabilization.

We have particular experience in the field of exercising pond systems (e.g. plants with type BIOLAK from company Nordenskjöld Verfahrenstechnik GmbH)


The moving bed biofilm reactors MBBRclaro are an invention of Greive Abwassertechnik GmbH. The special feature of the system is running without primary clarifiers. Therefore only stabilized excess sludge arises, which is easy to be drained.

The carrier material, as the core of the moving bed biofilm reactor, being manufactured especially for us, has been developed for the use at MBBRclaro plants and is made from high quality polyethylene.

Depending on the flow rate and the space conditions we are using simple settling tanks or lamella separators as second clarifier.

The process control is based on the required drain values. Nitrification, an upstream denitrification, the biological phosphorus elimination or a disinfection of the sewage plant flow are standard modules which can be applied as required.


The anaerobic activated process POMEclaro has been developed for the flow of palm oil mills. This process has been designed for very high COD concentrations (30.000 – 100.00 mg/l). For such high concentrations this is the most reliable way of anaerobic wastewater treatment.

The decay rates are at 70 – 90 % COD degradation and very high methane gas outputs.

As with all of our systems, we focus on a simple process regime with a minimized application of automation and measurement without leaving safety and procedural aspects out of consideration.

This process is especially adapted to:
– POME, palm oil mills
– Distilleries
– Fruit Juice
– Food processing companies