Due to the extreme load variations in climatic conditions and the often critical water and energy supply, as well as the complicated and expensive transportation of construction materials the alpine wastewater treatment is presenting planners, suppliers and the operator of a major challenge.

For love of mountains Greive Abwassertechnik GmbH has been dedicated to this field of activity. We provide here the complete package of design, construction, commissioning and long-term operational support as well. For existing plants, we are pleased to examine the potential for optimization measures and undertake the maintenance of the system.

Our extensive knowledge of most recent wastewater treatment in combination with classical methods allows us to develop the optimal solution for almost any task.

Planning and operation optimization

The planning of wastewater treatment plants in alpine areas is presenting high challenges on the responsible engineering office. Many factors, playing only a minor role in the valley, are elementary. It starts with the availability of water and electricity, continues with extreme peaks of overloading and periods of extreme underloading, over a short season in the highlands to the selection of systems and materials that will be up to the climatic conditions and can be transported to the mountains in an economical useful way.

Here we attend with experience, detailed planning and the indispensable rage for mountains. As the sewage treatment plant has to integrate itself into the total energy concept of the cottage, the creation of this concept comes first. Here we have only a supporting role, but we are cooperating with specialized engineering companies.

Greive Abwassertechnik GmbH advises in relation to a reasonable method of wastewater treatment, plans wastewater treatment plants in the mountains and in the course of this planning we have consideration for all the conditions making your property in the mountains so unique. By simple adjustments to the operational management or small building alterations the user comfort can be raised, cleaning capacity can be improved and a lot of energy can be saved at many sewage treatment plants in the alpine area. Greive Abwassertechnik GmbH checks your system for optimization potential and determines together with you a catalogue of measures including all basic conditions.

Especially with alpine water purification systems, the operating management and process control is obviously different from plants near the valley. Therefore, special skills are required, which cannot be provided by suppliers of usual wastewater treatment plants. Since the alpine wastewater treatment is one of our special subjects, we can offer and implement this knowledge.

Construction of alpine wastewater treatment plants

Greive Abwassertechnik GmbH is focused on the construction of wastewater treatment plants in the mountains. Whether new construction or conversion – we´ll carry out this construction work reliably and punctually for you. We are familiar with the particular conditions in the mountains and provide a matched logistics.

Both the materials and the mechanical equipment are being adapted to the particular difficulties during transport. All used construction materials are specially selected for use in rough environments and extreme climatic conditions.

Pforzheimer Hütte

2308 masl, Sellrain

Transportation of construction material


2498 masl, Zillertal


Greive Abwassertechnik GmbH provides maintenance and operational support of alpine wastewater treatment plants. It doesn´t matter whether the plant is only reachable by a 4x4 or even only by a long walk, we will get to your facility - in case of snow with ski touring.

We´ll bring all equipment which is necessary for the maintenance. Upon signing a long-term maintenance contract and particular elusive plants we´ll deposit a part of maintenance equipment with you to be able to ascend and descend faster with lighter baggage.

The analysis of samples taken will be done by quick test directly on site.

We will gladly make you an offer for the maintenance of your plant. We can offer you particularly favorable prices, if several lodges located in one area choose us and so we can divide as the call-out fees and descent fees.